The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC)

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Development partner 

The United States of America ( USA )

Development/ Implementation agency

The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) is an innovative and independent U.S. foreign aid agency that is helping lead the fight against global poverty.

Created by the U.S. Congress in January 2004 with strong bipartisan support, MCC is changing the conversation on how best to deliver smart U.S. foreign assistance by focusing on good policies, country ownership, and results.


Contact details

MCC Resident Country Mission 
21 Nicolae Iorga street, Chisinau, MD 2012, Republic of Moldova
Tel: +373-22-99 49 16 / 17 / 20

Legal framework for cooperation

On 22 January 2010, the United States and Moldova signed a USD 262 million, 5-year Millennium Challenge Corporation compact agreement aimed at reducing poverty and accelerating economic growth.

Strategic documents for programming

MCC Compact Agreement between the United States and Moldova

Priority sectors/      Areas of cooperation

The compact focuses on irrigation reconstruction, access to agricultural finance, and the rehabilitation of an integral section of the country’s national road network. Further details on Moldova’s MCC compact are available

Types of funds / financial instruments and assistance modalities

Total Grant Value: USD 262,000,000


Procedures for programming, approval and implementation of projects

Two projects were developed in the Moldova-MCC partnership and are currently under implementation: 
(i) Transition to High-Value Agriculture project (USD 101.70 million) 
(ii) Road Rehabilitation project (USD 132.80 million

Other information

Moldova’s compact provides a comprehensive approach to economic growth by including reforms in how water is managed and how roads are maintained. The compact is a way to leverage the private sector. This compact builds on the partnership between MCC and the U.S. Agency for International Development to help Moldova achieve its development goals. Finally, the compact offers an integrated solution for reducing poverty. It increases agricultural productivity, promotes food security, and provides access to markets by safer roads.

The programme started on 01 September 2010 and will last till 01 September 2015


Normative Framework 

24.10.2014 Fourth Amendment to the Assistance Agreement between the Governemnt of USA and the GRM for the Local Government Support project