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Development partner 

The United States of America ( USA )

Development/ Implementation agency

The United States programmes in Moldova are mainly provided by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Some programmes are administered and coordinated by the US Embassy in Moldova.

Contact details

USAID Office in Moldova
57/1, Banulescu-Bodoni  street, 
ASITO building, 5th floor,
Chisinau, MD-2005, Moldova 
Tel: +373-22-201800 
Fax: +373-22-237277 US Embassy in Moldova 
103A, Mateevici street,
Chisinau, Moldova
Tel: +373-22-408481
Fax: +373-22-233044

Legal framework for cooperation

Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Moldova and the Government of the United States of America on technical cooperation signed on 21 March 1994.

Strategic documents for programming

In support of Moldova’s democratic and free-market reforms, USAID works primarily in two areas under the U.S. Government’s Foreign Assistance Framework: 
- Economic growth 
- Governing justly and democratically
Also (managed by USAID/Washington)
- Agriculture (Farmer-to-Farmer programme)
- Protecting children
- SMEs support (Western NIS Enterprise Fund)

Types of funds / financial instruments and assistance modalities

• Grants
• Technical Assistance

Procedures for programming, approval and implementation of projects

Project proposals are drafted unilaterally by USAID, according to areas of co-operation, stated in the Strategy. The potential beneficiary is consulted during the preparation of the project document (state of work). The Government is consulted only in case the potential beneficiary is a Government institution. 
USAID’s projects are implemented in partnership with the Government of Moldova by international and local nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), U.S. businesses, and U.N. agencies.



Special conditions for submission of project proposals and project acceptability criteria

Project proposals are drafted unilaterally by USAID.
In case of the US Embassy mechanism, project proposals are presented directly to the Embassy by NGOs or state institutions. The Embassy examines received proposals and 2-3 times per year takes the decision to support financially those selected.

Other information

The United States assistance to the Republic of Moldova has presented a tendency to decrease in recent years, due to the re-orientation of the US assistance to Central Asia and the Near East.

Normative Framework 

24.10.2014 Fourth Amendment to the Assistance Agreement between the Governemnt of USA and the GRM for the Local Government Support project