Senior Experten Service (SES)

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Development/ Implementation agency

Senior Experten Service (SES) is the Foundation of German Industry for International Cooperation (Stiftung der deutschen Wirtschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit). It is a non-profit limited company.

Contact details

SES headquarters in Bonn, Germany
Mrs Ute Sonnen, Project Manager for Moldova

Stiftung der Deutschen Wirtschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH, Non-profit Corporation
Buschstraße 2,  53113 Bonn, Germany
Phone:       +49 (0) 228 26090-69
Fax:            +49 (0) 228-26090-969

For local SES representatives in the Republic of Moldova see:

Legal framework for cooperation

SES is registered in Bonn, Germany. Assignments of German Senior Experts in the Republic of Moldova have a duration of 3-6 weeks, maximum 6 months. Follow-up assignments improve sustainability. 

Strategic documents for programming

SES doesn’t develop country strategies, but SES works on request, demand-oriented. 
In Moldova as in 160 countries worldwide SES offers support to small and medium-sized enterprises, public institutions, local authorities, educational institutions and NGOs. 
These target groups can apply to SES by a “request for assignment” and ask for support to train and qualify staff and management as well as to solve concrete technical or organizational problems.
This support/expertise is offered by more than 10,000 senior German experts from over 50 fields of profession, which are retired and pass on their lifelong professional experience and knowledge on a voluntary basis.

Priority sectors/      Areas of cooperation

Since SES works on request, priority sectors comply with the demands of public and private sector in the Republic of Moldova. This offers a great potential for cooperation to support sustainable development in the Republic of Moldova in the following areas:
• Small and medium sized companies (SMEs)
• Vocational training 
• Modernisation of the agricultural sector and food processing industries
• Public administration
• Health care 
• Social questions, etc.

Types of funds / financial instruments and assistance modalities

Provision of advice/Transfer of know-how. No financial support. Only German expert knowledge as a contribution to economic and infrastructural development – to help people help themselves, i.e.  Train staff, (ii) Help to solve technical or organisational problems, (iii) Help to create or safeguard jobs, (iv) Exchange experience with management structures, (v) Help to restructure organisations, (vi) Assist in quality management, (vii) Help to improve production quality, services, etc.. 

Procedures for programming, approval and implementation of projects

Procedure on how to request an assignment:
1. Clients (e.g. Moldovan company, NGO, Administration) fill in a “request for assignment” via the SES website  to SES in Bonn
2. SES will check, if the request corresponds to the SES conditions
3. SES will search for a Senior Expert
4. SES will propose a Senior Expert to the Moldovan client
5. If professional qualification of the German Senior Expert meets the requirements of the Moldovan client, assignment target and period will be agreed by both parts
6. During the assignment of the German Senior Expert in the RM, the Moldovan client will cover local costs for accommodation, meals, small daily allowance, laundry, local transport and provide adequate working conditions
7. The Moldovan client is responsible for the implementation of the Senior Expert’s recommendations