The Confederation of Switzerland

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Development partner 

The Confederation of Switzerland 

Development/ Implementation agency

The Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency (SDC) is an international cooperation agency of Switzerland in the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA), the Chisinau office was opened in 2000.

Contact details

Swiss Cooperation Office
Representation of the Embassy of Switzerland to Moldova
23 Mateevici street, Block B,
Chisinau, MD-2009, Moldova
Tel: +373-22-796938/44
Fax: +373-22-796935

Legal framework for cooperation

The Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Moldova and the Government of the Confederation of Switzerland on humanitarian technical cooperation signed on September 20, 2001 and ratified by the Parliament on 28 December 2001.

Strategic documents for programming

The Swiss Cooperation Strategy 2010-2013 aimed to support ‘’the Republic of Moldova in its objective to guarantee to all its citizens equal access to quality infrastructure and services in the health and the water sectors.”

The cooperation strategy with the Republic of Moldova for the years 2014-2017, which provides CHF 55 million (about 52.8 million EURO) assistance in the following priority areas:
- Health (40% of the total budget);
- Water and sewerage (36% of the total budget);
- Migration and development (18% of the total budget).

Priority sectors/      Areas of cooperation

  • The interventions of SDC focus on the following two priority domains:

  • Health 

  • Water and Sanitation

Areas of interest for the next Swiss Cooperation Strategy with Moldova (2018-2021):
• Administrative-territorial reform (planned for 2018);
• Diaspora, Migration and Development (as well as the continuation of the Program "Exploit the potential of migration in Moldova");
• Drinking water supply and sanitation in the southern region of RM;
• Economic development and employment in the labor market;
• Vocational education.

Types of funds / financial instruments and assistance modalities

The Swiss Cooperation Strategy 2010-2013 funding amounts to around CHF 7 million per annum.
Technical Assistance, infrastructure assistance, procurement of equipment. 

Procedures for programming, approval and implementation of projects

The assistance programming is performed on an annual basis by the Cooperation Office in Chisinau and through consultations with potential assistance beneficiaries and with national stakeholders. After defining the project document, the Moldovan Office sends it to the Central Office in Bern, where the project proposal is decided upon. After reaching a decision on project financing, preparation of the contract/agreement for project implementation begins with the beneficiary administration. The modality of project implementation is defined in the project document or in the contract. For more complex projects, a special agency is generally engaged as implementing partner. Implementation control and evaluation, in such cases, is carried out by the Cooperation Office in Chisinau. For smaller projects, the implementing agency is usually the Cooperation Office in the country and/or the beneficiary administration with regular monitoring/reporting requirements.

SDC in consultation with NGOs, central and public administration authorities drafts projects proposals. Deadlines are only set for NGO assistance projects; Announcements are published in the local press.


Special conditions for submission of project proposals and project acceptability criteria

All projects must be carried out strictly in accordance with the priorities defined in the Cooperation Strategy for Moldova. They must support the priority sectors in the Cooperation Strategy and support the strategic plan of the Government of Moldova in the areas concerned.

Other information

The cooperation strategy is monitored yearly on the basis of predefined indicators for each sector of intervention. The monitoring has a twofold objective: improved steering mechanisms for enhanced effectiveness, and accountability.

Normative Framework 

29.10.2013 Agreement between the GOM and GCE for humanitarian assistance and technical cooperation ( rom )