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Development partner 


Development/ Implementation agency

The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) has the role of coordinating the ODA, as well as managing the own funds for this purpose. The Official Development Assistance, including humanitarian assistance is financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other government budgets or other governmental funds.

At the Romanian MFA, it is the Development Assistance Unit (UAsD) that manages the development cooperation. 


Contact details

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania
31 Aleea Alexandru, Sector 1, 011822 Bucharest
Phone: +40- 21-3192108/3192125
Fax: +40-21-3196862

Legal framework for cooperation

Memorandum of Understanding signed between the State Chancellery of the Republic of Moldova and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania on 8 of September 2011.

Bilateral agreements in various sectors.


Strategic documents for programming

There is no Romanian assistance strategy for the Republic of Moldova.The general framework is set by the National Strategy on National Policy for International Development Cooperation (2006). Is being defined a new strategic framework for ODA of Romania.

The overall objective of Romania’s development cooperation policy is to support the partner countries’ efforts to implement their own national development strategies. In this context, the MFA aims to promote Romania’s international donor profile by financial, human and technical involvement in assisting partner countries to implement political, economic and social reforms.


Priority sectors/      Areas of cooperation

• Good governance
• Democracy and the rule of law
• Economic development
• Education and vocational training
• Health
• Development of Infrastructure and protection of environment

Types of funds / financial instruments and assistance modalities

Romania provides assistance to Moldova in various cooperation frameworks, namely:

1. Commitment on providing a grant of € 100 million (Agreement between Romania and the Republic of Moldova on the basis of a non-refundable financial aid worth 100 million Euro granted provided to Moldova by Romania, April 27, 2010).

Funds are awarded based on two sides agreed projects within the Agreement priorities: transport infrastructure, education, energy, emergency humanitarian assistance. The Agreement management: Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration - for Romania and the Ministry of Regional Development and Constructions for Moldova.

So far, over € 8 million for emergency humanitarian assistance (reconstruction of houses flooded in 2010) have been allocated and € 9 million in 2013 for the construction of  the  Iasi - Ungheni gas pipeline are planned.

2. Education

Romania carries out a series of cooperative projects at all levels, only scholarships for students from the Republic of Moldova (5,000 scholarships in 2010, 5,500 in 2013) with a value of about € 8 million in 2010, 12 million in 2012 and 13 million EUR in 2012.

4. MAE through ODA budget provides funding to projects and unaffected contributions.

Republic of Moldova is a priority partner for 2012-2015. Since 2010, the priority given to support Moldova's European integration through the contributions to the capacity buiding of central and local public institutions and the support for democratic reforms and for civil society.

Currently (July 2013) 14 projects worth about 2.7 million EUR in the areas of agriculture, health, modernization of local public services, support for European integration (harmonization of legislation, institutional capacity buiding), internal affairs, research and innovation, civil society support, are ongoing.

5. Numerous programs and training cooperation are held annually throught direct cooperation between homologous governmental institutions.

For example, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Internal Affairs outlined annual action programs for supporting Moldova (including information exchange, providing technical assistance, training / practice sessions, transfer of good practices). Also, vocational training courses in the field of prison affairs, as well as for diplomats and other civil servants are carried out annually.


Procedures for programming, approval and implementation of projects

MFA develops and implements the development cooperation policy in consultation with other line ministries and state institutions, civil society and private sector representatives.

Details on programming rules, approval and implementation of projects funded by the MFA budget are available on the website To be noted that calls for project proposals are initiated annually.




Other information

Romania's commitment to support the Republic of Moldova, with a focus on European integration is a constant and predictable commitment. Romania plans to keep at least similar levels of assistance provided to Moldova, being even estimated an increase in the development of educational programs and a further implementation of the Agreement to provide a grant of 100 million euro.

There are other cooperation and assistance programs on a bilateral basis, which are not currently quantified. Such example refers to the consular field (free visa, implementing the small border traffic, in force since 30 March 2010), training in various state institutions, exchange of experience in many fields, local and regional cooperation.


Normative Framework 

08.09.2011 Memorandum of Understanding between the State Chancellery of the Republic of Moldova and the Ministry Foreign Affairs of Romania  

27.04.2010 Second Additional Protocol between the Government of the Republic of Moldova and the Romanian Government on the implementation of technical and financial assistance under the financial assistance grant worth 100 million euros granted by Romania