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Development parner


Development/ Implementation agency

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for the strategic planning, implementation and coordinating the activities of different participants of Estonian development cooperation.

Other ministries are primarily responsible for planning, implementing and evaluating development cooperation projects in their own field and for development of direct relationships with relevant institutions in developing countries, keeping in mind the goals of this Strategy.


Contact details

Estonia covers Moldova from the Estonian Embassy in Kiev 
43B Pushkinskaya street,
Kiev 01901, Ukraine
Tel.  +380 44 590 0780
Fax. +380 44 590 0781
Website: and

Legal framework for cooperation

Co-operation Protocol between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Estonia and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Moldova (came into force on 03.04.1996).

The Government of the Republic of Estonia regulation “Conditions of and Procedures for Provision of Development and Humanitarian Aid” (entered into force on 15 February 2010).


Strategic documents for programming

Strategy For Estonian Development Cooperation And Humanitarian Aid 2011–2015. The overall goal of Estonian development cooperation is to contribute to the eradication of world poverty and to attaining the Millennium Development Goals.

Moldova is one of the priority partner countries for Estonia since 2006.


Priority sectors/      Areas of cooperation

Year        EUR
2012 – 487,000 (disbursed)
2013 – 500,000 (planned)
2014 – 700,000 (tentative)
2015 – 900,000 (tentative)
Priority sectors:
• Health sector
• Education/ science
• Good governance/ justice
• Economic development
• Other

Types of funds / financial instruments and assistance modalities

• Technical assistance/Training
• Grants/Scholarships

Procedures for programming, approval and implementation of projects


The projects are identified by the Estonian side.

As of 2000 Estonia’s contribution to various projects has increased tenfold. In addition to its co-operation with the Foreign Ministry, successful co-operation with Moldova has also taken place through other Estonian ministries and institutions (Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Education and Research, the National Audit Office, Academy of Security Sciences, and the Border Guard Board).

The non-governmental sector is also showing increased interest in working in and with Moldova.

Representatives of ministries and civil associations participate in the development cooperation project evaluation committee that approves bilateral development cooperation projects and supervises their implementation.



Other information


Eastern Partnership (EaP) Training Centre

Since the beginning of 2011 the EU Eastern Partnership Training Centre started to operate in Tallinn. Based on current experiences of Estonian School of Diplomacy, training centre carries out training programmes and seminars related to various aspects of public administration reform to the EaP countries, including Moldova. The Centre is funded from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs development co-operation budget.