Kingdom of Denmark

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Development partner 

Kingdom of Denmark 

Development/ Implementation agency

Danish International Development Assistance (DANIDA).

Development policy and foreign policy are integrated in the daily work of the Danish Foreign Service in both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Copenhagen and the Danish missions in Denmark’s partner countries. DANIDA is not an independent organisation.

The Minister for Development Cooperation is the minister for development assistance and is served by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Foreign Service.


Contact details

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark
European Neighbourhood Department
Asiatisk Plads 2 
DK-1448 Copenhagen K 
Tel. +45 33 92 00 00
Fax +45 32 54 05 33

Legal framework for cooperation

Memorandum of Understanding ”Danish Assistance for the Republic of Moldova, 1998”, signed on 26 May 1998 and ratified by Parliament Decision no. 202-XIV from 26 November 1998.

Denmark's development assistance is laid down and administered on the basis of the Danish Act on International Development Cooperation Consolidated Act no. 555 of 18.06.2012.


Strategic documents for programming

Strategy for the Danish Neighbourhood Programme 2013-2017, released in January 2013. The overall objective of the Neighbourhood Programme is to promote human rights, democracy and economic development.

Priority sectors/Areas of cooperation

DKK 1 billion (EUR 133 million) has been allocated for the Neighbourhood Programme 2013-17 covering Eastern and South-Eastern Europe and will be carried out with approximately DKK 200 million a year.

Priority sectors: 
1) Human rights and democracy, including good governance, conflict resolution and peace-building, gender equality, minority rights, indigenous peoples’ rights, as well as strengthening of civil society and independent media;
2) Sustainable and inclusive economic development, including private sector development aiming at promoting sustainable growth, skills development, job creation, energy efficiency and green technology.


Types of funds / financial instruments and assistance modalities

• Technical Cooperation
• Grants
• Interest-free or low-interest loans

Procedures for programming, approval and implementation of projects

Project proposals are submitted by Moldovan organisations to DANIDA for further examination and approval.

There is no project proposals submission deadline.

The Neighbourhood Programme is implemented by public and private partners and CSOs of both Danish, regional and international origin. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will cooperate directly with multilateral organisations in areas where they possess the required capacity.


Special conditions for submission of project proposals and project acceptability criteria

Main criteria for selection of project proposals are: 
- assistance or legislation to comply with EU requirements,
- requested assistance must be within the programme areas of cooperation, 
- transfer of Danish technology and knowledge.

Other information

Other DANIDA support facilities available for Moldovan organisations are as follows:
DB Finance aims at minor industrial projects with direct job-creating potential, which cannot be financed on normal market conditions.
DB Finance targets key infrastructure sectors where investment improves the climate for economic development, in particular for the private sector. The main sectors are transportation, energy, water supply and sanitation. In all areas, climate-friendly and cleaner technology is a top priority. 

DANIDA Business Partnerships supports the transfer of knowledge and technology from Danish to local partners. This includes initiatives to improve the working and living conditions of poor people, as well as to boost the competitiveness of local enterprises. Thus, DANIDA Business Partnerships supports establishment of partnerships which create value both for companies and for society.