Czech Republic

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Development partner 

Czech Embassy 

Development/ Implementation agency

The Czech Development Agency (CzDA) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for identifying, developing, implementing and monitoring development cooperation projects, in line with the development program approved in close co-operation with the partner country.

Contact details

Address: Chisinau, 23 Moara Rosie str., MD 2005
Tel.:  (+373 22) 20 99 42
Fax:(+373 22) 29 64 37

Legal framework for cooperation

Agreement between the Czech Republic and the Republic of Moldova on development cooperation.

Memorandum of Understanding between the Czech Development Agency and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry of the Republic of Moldova on the development of organic farming.

The Memorandum of Understanding between the Czech Development Agency and the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction of the Republic of Moldova on cooperation in the field of regional development and construction.

Strategic documents for programming

The Development Cooperation Strategy of the Czech Republic for the period of 2010-2017 (the Strategy), approved by the Resolution No 336 of the Government of the Czech Republic dated 24 May 2010.

Priority sectors/      Areas of cooperation

In 2011-2017, development cooperation of the Czech Republic will focus on the following areas:
1. Government and civil society (support for democracy and human rights)
2. Social infrastructure and services, including education
3. Water supply and sanitation (incl. waste management)
4. Agriculture, forestry and fishing
5. Environmental protection (liquidation and reduction of environmental hazards)

Types of funds / financial instruments and assistance modalities

Bilateral assistance in grants and technical assistance.
Year                        Million EUR
2006-2010                 8
2011-2014               10.25                                                               2014-2017                 5.5

Procedures for programming, approval and implementation of projects

The Czech Development Agency (CzDA) deals with the identification, formulation, implementation and monitoring of development cooperation projects in accordance with the approved development programme, working closely with the partner country.

As a rule, the CzDA enters into a Memorandum of Understanding with institutional partners for individual projects that defines the rights and obligations of the parties.

If several donors are involved in a project, coordination or management committees may be set up. Such coordination and management bodies are attended by representatives of the CzDA or the Embassy.
Both the Czech Republic and Moldova will contribute to project implementation and programme fulfillment by providing adequate technical support and human resources.


Other information

The Czech Republic has implemented development cooperation projects in Moldova since 2001. The projects are fully in line with Moldova’s priorities in the social area (improvement of the quality of living, targeted social assistance etc.), in water supply and sanitation (exploitation of water resources and introduction of waste management), in agriculture (improving competitiveness and effectiveness) as well as in the environment (decontamination and alleviation of environmental burdens).

In the year 2017, 7 projects are ongoing, most of them being funded by the Czech Development Agency (CzDA), with a budget of about EUR 5.5 million:
1) Development and implementation of the Vine and Wine Register in the Republic of Moldova (2014-2017 period, the budget - EUR 990,0 thousand);
2) Inclusion partnerships (2015-2017, budget - EUR 178.2 thousand);
3) Support the process of transforming the care system for people with mental disorders and people with learning disabilities in the Republic of Moldova (2015-2017, the budget - EUR 181,7 thousand);
4) Improvement of wine and winemaking study programs within the agricultural colleges of the Republic of Moldova (2015-2017 period, budget - EUR 17.1 thousand);
5) Support for the development of home care services in the Republic of Moldova, the South (2015-2017 period, the budget - EUR 3900,0 thousand);
6) Prevention and treatment of diabetes mellitus in Moldova (2016-2017, budget - EUR 153.7 thousand);
7) "NATO / PfP on the Destruction of Dangerous Pesticides and Chemicals in the Republic of Moldova" (2013-2017 period, the budget - EUR 61.0 thousand).

Normative  Framework 

23.11.2012 Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Moldova and the Government of the Czech Republic on Development Cooperation